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Diploma in Building Services Engineering

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The Diploma in Building Services Engineering is designed to incorporate a wide discipline of production and maintenance of a stable internal environment that has the correct temperature, air quality and lighting levels. It requires the provision of all the necessary backup support systems such as power, hot and cold water and lifts. The installation of life protection systems such as fire alarms, escape routes and sprinkler systems is an important responsibility as well. These functions must be linked to sophisticated building management systems to ensure effective control and to minimise energy consumption. The graduates are forecast to bring buildings to life by designing the mechanical and electrical systems that allow people to function within an enclosed structure..

A student of this programme has undergone a core curriculum consisting of courses in mathematics, science, entrepreneurial skills, soft skills, health & safety, Islamic studies, moral education. This programme provides knowledge and skills in the principles and practice of building services and building construction and maintenance. This will naturally help to cope with the demand of building services sub-professionals in Malaysia. Various training methods with theory, practical, case studies, field trips and other innovative methods will be used to achieve the educational objectives.

Topics covered in this program include:

  •  energy supply - electricity and renewable source 
  • air conditioning
  • water , drainage and plumbing
  • natural and artificial lighting
  • escalators and lifts
  • ventilation and refrigeration
  • communication lines and telephones
  • fire detection and protection
  • environmental science 
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