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Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (PSA) is continuously striving to fulfil its own aspiration of becoming a Premier Polytechnic, a status accorded to PSA about a year ago. With another year left to achieve its full premiership status, efforts are being optimized towards achieving this goal. We are striving to achieve parts of the fifty six Key Performance Indicators as success of PSA depends on how well we implement the KPI. Therefore, strategic planning is vital to progress forward and remains competitive in the mainstream public technical training and skills provider.

This year, the focus is cantered around two major areas of concern to our students. We feel that it would be of paramount importance to equip our students with the necessary soft skills that would help them to be well prepared upon entering the job market and also preparing for the future career advancement. The competition of securing employment is getting stiffer as the industry is becoming more globalised and highly selective in their recruitment of staff.

Therefore, this year, PSA has launched the Malaysia Polytechnic Entrepreneurship Centre (MPEC) with the collaboration of the Polytechnic Studies Department, Ministry of Higher Education. PSA is the host of this centre and serves the needs of the entrepreneurship from the other polytechnic nationwide. The centre runs entrepreneurship programmes such as culinary, hospitality business, agriculture and a host of other businesses involving the students. We expect to inculcate the business interest and skills so that our students can venture into business and becoming successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Another milestone of achievement is the implementation of the Green Innovation and Technology. We would like to create the awareness towards using the environmental friendly resources among our lecturers and students by inventing new innovation that go for saving the resources and the environment. We have created an event called the Eco Green Technology Week as a platform where PSA staff and students could exhibit their . We are on the right track to transform PSA into a Polytechnic University by the year 2015.


En. Tajuddin Bin Abdul Rashid



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